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Дискова борона ресорна ДАР-4,0 навісна

The DAR-4.0 spring disc harrow is mounted

In stock
Price: UAH 311,300.

Disc harrow DAR for resource-saving tillage to a depth of 5 to 18 cm.

Perform basic resource-saving soil treatment to a depth of 5 to 18 cm. Ensure uniform distribution of organic fertilizers and plant residues throughout the depth of the treated soil layer, creating an optimal structure for plant growth, increase moisture absorption by the soil and reduce erosion, crush lumps. Contribute to the preservation of moisture and level the topography of the field. Aggregates are used for minimal, conservative and traditional tillage.

The DAR harrow has a number of design advantages over its counterparts, namely:

1. High-quality bearings are used in the bearing unit, as well as a modern cassette seal, which ensures the working of 9,600 hectares on the DAR unit without disassembling the bearing unit!

2. The reduced step of the location of the disks and their optimal location parameters ensure: high-quality tillage of the soil with an even bed, less wear of the disks than in analogues and a greater service life of the aggregates.

4. Two holes are provided for connection to the tractor for the central drive, which ensures compatibility with tractors of various models without modifying the unit.

5. Brackets for fastening and adjusting the position of the roller have a one-piece design, which reduces the load on the rear beam of the main frame of the unit and increases reliability.

5. The distance between the roller and discs has been increased, which improves the distribution of plant residues on the field, the leveling of the area and eliminates the clogging of the roller on wet soils.

6. Rolling rollers have an increased radius and a smaller number of working elements (8 instead of 10), which prevents the roller from clogging.
7. The design of the roller uses double-row bearings in the support, which facilitates their maintenance and provides 5 times more!!! life compared to the 31-UCF-208 bearing.
8. The use of paint and anti-corrosion soil ensures the resistance of the unit parts to aggressive conditions during operation.
9. Units are connected to the tractor on a standard three-point hitch system. The tillage depth is set by adjusting the position of the roller and the tractor attachment system.

Tillage with a DAR harrow has the following agronomic advantages:

1. The transformation of harvest residues into nutrients for plants is accelerated, thanks to their grinding and mixing in the upper layer of the soil.

2. Leveling the topography of the soil allows you to improve the quality of sowing and the speed of harvesting crops, as well as to minimize equipment breakdowns.

3. Moisture is preserved in the soil due to the presence of harvest residues, broken capillaries and rolling of the top layer of the soil.

4. Soil microorganisms are always in natural conditions and actively improve the biochemical state of the soil, increasing the amount of humus - the key to high soil fertility.


A bountiful harvest to you!!!


Manufacturer: ISM Promin

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Weight - 1650 kg

The width of capture is 4 m

The number of rows is 2

The power of the tractor is 180 hp.

The maximum processing depth is 20 cm

The number of disks/teeth is 24 pcs.

Дискова борона ресорна ДАР-4,0 навісна
Продукт: The DAR-4.0 spring disc harrow is mounted
In stock
Price: UAH 311,300.

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