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Дискова борона ДАН 2.5 Premium

DAN 2.5 Premium disc harrow

In stock
Price: UAH 133,800.

  Disc harrow DAN Premium     

for disking the soil to a depth of 4-16 cm.


DAN Premium has a number of structural advantages over its counterparts, namely:

1. In the bearing assembly of the rack, 2 hub bearings and a reinforced axle with bushings are used. This is the implementation of the bearing assembly does not require maintenance during the entire period of operation. The choice of the buyer is also presented with two options for the location of the “daisy” disk.

2. The correct angle of attack and the optimal location of the discs ensure: high-quality tillage of the soil with an even bed, less wear of the discs than in analogues and a high service life of the aggregates.

3. UCF-308 bearings are used in the design of the rink.

Rolling support rollers are offered in three versions:

- from the corner;

- from the strip;

- from the pipe.

The cats have an increased radius, which minimizes clogging.

4. Two holes are provided for connection to the tractor for the central drive, which ensures compatibility with tractors of various models without modifying the unit.

5. Brackets for fixing and adjusting the position of the rink have a one-piece design that reduces the load on the rear beam of the main frame of the unit and increases reliability.

6. The distance between the support roller and the rear row of discs has been increased.

7. The use of anti-corrosion paint ensures the resistance of the units of the unit to aggressive conditions during operation.




Soil treatment harrows of the DAN type has the following agronomic advantages:

1. The transformation of harvest residues into nutrients for plants is accelerated due to their grinding and mixing in the upper layer of the soil.

2. Leveling the topography of the soil allows you to improve the quality of sowing and the speed of harvesting crops, as well as to minimize equipment breakdowns and save the nerves of the operators

3. Moisture is preserved in the soil due to the presence of harvest residues, broken capillaries and rolling of the top layer of soil.

4. Soil microorganisms are always in natural conditions and actively improve the biochemical state of the soil, increasing the amount of humus - the key to high soil fertility.


A bountiful harvest to you!!!

Дискова борона ДАН 2.5 Premium
Продукт: DAN 2.5 Premium disc harrow
In stock
Price: UAH 133,800.

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