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Причіпний пристрій універсальний ПП-2,0

Towing device universal PP-2.0

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Price: UAH 98,500


The PP-type towing device is intended for conversion of mounted units  tillage  such as DAN, KPN, AG and others in a trailer. A K-1.5 body can also be installed on a PP-type trailer. Then the PP towing device is used as a self-dumping single-axle trailer.

Using the Towbar:

           unloads the 3-point hitch of the tractor;

    allows you to work with aggregates that have a greater weight than that allowed by the tractor's hydraulic three-point linkage;

          increases the load on the front wheels of the tractor and improves its controllability.


During transportation, the center of gravity of the unit is between the supporting wheels and the weight of the tractor, which ensures its safe transportation on public roads.

This design of the trailed disk unit or trailed cultivator ensures its stability of movement and high-quality soil treatment.


№ п/п Characteristic Value
PP-1,4 PP-2.0
1 Carrying capacity, kg                                                   1100 1600
2 Operating speed, km/h                                   8,0÷12,0
3 Transport speed, km/h, no more                      25
5 Tire pressure, MPa                                                       0,15±0,01 0,20±0,01
  length 3300±150 3300±150
  width 2350±100 2350±100
  height 1400±100 1600±100
7 Overall dimensions in transport position, mm:
length 3300±150 3300±150
width 2350±100 2350±100
height 1200±100 1200±100
8 Ground clearance, mm, not less                                       300
9 Weight of the product (without ZIP), kg                                                  580 ±20 680 ±20
10 Carrying capacity, kg 1100 1600



Причіпний пристрій універсальний ПП-2,0
Продукт: Towing device universal PP-2.0
In stock
Price: UAH 98,500

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