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Культиватор причіпний КПН-6,0-3

Trailed cultivator KPN-6.0-3

In stock
Price: UAH 380,000.

Trailed cultivator KPN-P for continuous pre-sowing soil cultivation.


The cultivator is designed for continuous pre-sowing soil cultivation, to a depth of 5-12 cm with simultaneous cutting of the root system of weeds, crumbling, leveling and rolling of the soil surface, as well as for the care of steams.

The KPN cultivator has a number of structural advantages over analogues, namely:

1. The mounting bracket of the roller frame is attached to the transverse beams of the main frame, which reduced the load on the rear beam of the main frame of the unit.

2. Cultivators of this design can be used as mounted ones.

3. The design of the roller uses double-row bearings in the support, which facilitates their maintenance and provides 5 times more!!! life compared to the 31-UCF-208 bearing.

4. Polymer bushings with graphite lubricant are used in the joint unit of the cultivator stand, which has a lifetime guarantee and does not require maintenance in comparison with analogues that use metal bushings and Litol grease.

5. Two holes are provided in the mounted version of the cultivator for aggregating with a tractor to connect the central drive, which ensures aggregating with tractors of all companies without finalizing the unit.

6. The rake uses springs with a curl "along the path of the unit", which excludes spring breakage during operation.

A bountiful harvest to you!!!


Manufacturer: ISM Promin

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Color: green

Purpose of pre-sowing

Weight 1650 kg

The width of capture is 6 m

The number of rows is 3

The power of the tractor is 170 liters. with.

The maximum processing depth is 12 cm

The processing width is 6 m

Processing depth 5.0...12.0 cm

The required power of the tractor is 165...220 hp.

Productivity 6.8 ha/h

Working speed 15 km/h

Aggregation Trailers

The color of the paws is Black

Speed of movement (transport) 15 km/h

The number of paws is 24 pieces

Культиватор причіпний КПН-6,0-3
Продукт: Trailed cultivator KPN-6.0-3
In stock
Price: UAH 380,000.

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