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Глибокорозрихлювач універсальний ГРУ 1,8 ЕКО з шпорчатим котком

Universal deep loosener GRU 1.8 ECO with a slotted roller

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Price: UAH 126,300.


Universal deep looseners of the GRU type


Universal deep looseners GRU 1.8 ECO


Universal deep looseners process compacted soil of various types to a depth of 30 to 50 cm in order to loosen it. The operation takes place without turnover of the formation and provides grinding with mixing of the upper layer of the soil to improve the water-air condition of the root layer, which prevents the development of soil erosion, contributes to the accumulation of moisture and increases the yield of agricultural crops.

The soil treated with a universal deep loosener accumulates more than 300 tons of moisture per hectare, while preventing the creation of water saucers in the field and wetting of agricultural crops.

The working bodies are symmetrically located on the frame! This eliminates the effect on the tractor of the moment of forces that arise between the working surfaces of the first and second row deep loosening paws with slices of soil, which ensures better soil cultivation and excludes twisting of the unit in relation to the movement during operation.

The used working bodies of the "PARAPLAU" type manufactured by "Eurozappa" are made of boron steel with heat treatment and have high wear resistance and elasticity, provide vertical and horizontal wave-like movement of the soil with energy savings.
The unit is equipped at the request of the customer - with a support roller, which performs only the function of regulating the depth of cultivation, or a tandem-shoe roller, which ensures the crushing of plant residues, additional loosening of the upper layer of the soil to a depth of up to 12 cm.

Universal deep looseners of the GRU Eco type

Specially developed for work on heavy, clayey, low-humus soils. The peculiarity of the EKO GRU is that changes have been made to the design, which, while ensuring high-quality execution of the technological operation, increase the throughput of the unit and reduce the load on the tractor:

1. The distance between the working bodies has been increased from 450 mm to 600 mm

2. It is possible to adjust the angle of attack on the working bodies.

3. Bolts of strength class 8.8 are used as a safety system against loads on normal soils, and bolts of strength class 10.9 are used for processing heavy clay soils to the maximum depth


      Use of aggregates GRU and GRU ECO has a number of agronomic advantages, namely:

1. Contributes to the accumulation of moisture during the period of precipitation (the universal deep loosener is most effectively used when growing row crops, as well as in areas with insufficient precipitation and irrigated agriculture).

2. An optimal ratio is achieved between the overgrowth of the capillary system of the soil and atmospheric air exchange, biological processes in the soil are activated.

3. The water permeability of the soil improves and the accumulation of productive moisture reserves increases, fertility increases.

4. The development of wind and water erosion of the soil is prevented.

5. The natural structure of the soil is restored, which maximally contributes to the development of the root system of plants to the entire depth of the treated soil layer;

A bountiful harvest to you!!!


Manufacturer: ISM Promin

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Color: green

Processing depth 30...50 cm

Processing width 1.8 m

The required power of the tractor is 80...110 hp.

Productivity 2.2...2.8 ha/h

Support cats

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Глибокорозрихлювач універсальний ГРУ 1,8 ЕКО з шпорчатим котком
Продукт: Universal deep loosener GRU 1.8 ECO with a slotted roller
In stock
Price: UAH 126,300.

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