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Фреза садова пристовбурова ГФП-0,7 (діє акційна знижка!)

Фреза садова пристовбурова ГФП-0,7 (діє акційна знижка!)

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Mounted garden tiller for tillage of the soil in gardens and vineyards

It has a mechanical drive through a cardan shaft for two working sections.

The GFP-0.7 barrel garden cutter with automatic deviation of the working section (vertical knives) is designed for tractors with a power of 30 hp or more.

The garden cutters of the Ukrainian plant ISM "Promin" are designed for the processing of near-trunk strips in planting fruit trees and berry crops. It destroys weeds, loosens the soil, allows you to care for the stem strips without the use of herbicides, which significantly saves money and only contributes to the environmental friendliness of products.

The specially designed frame allows you to work in small spaces of 50 cm between plants, the knives penetrate the soil with absolute reliability and destroy weeds and rodent burrows. The drive is carried out with the help of a cardan shaft on two working sections. When approaching the tree, the extreme part of the cutter comes into contact with the trunk of the tree and, with the help of a spring mechanism, it is brought out into the passages, and then it is again introduced into the row, completely wrapping and copying the trunks of the plantation.

The milling cutters of the ISM "Promin" plant have a strong steel construction for working in the most difficult conditions.


Manufacturer: ISM "Promin" LLC

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Type: Hinged
Gripping width: 0.7 m.
Productivity: 0.4-0.6 ha/hour
Maximum annual working rate: 80 hectares.
Processing depth: 4-10 cm.
Working speed: 6-10 km/hour.
Transport speed: 25 km/hour.
The minimum turning radius of
the outermost point, no more,
including when working on slopes: 5.2 m.
Weight (without ZIP): 280 kg.

PTO shaft: 540 rpm.
Overall dimensions:
Length: 1400 mm.
Width: 1700 mm.
Height: 1100 mm.
Ground clearance: 300 mm.
Service staff: 1 person.

Фреза садова пристовбурова ГФП-0,7 (діє акційна знижка!)
Продукт: Фреза садова пристовбурова ГФП-0,7 (діє акційна знижка!)
In stock
Price: ( ̶6̶2̶3̶0̶0̶ ) 53000 грн.

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